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Back to Basics - EMA Monomer - 16 oz

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The perfect set begins and ends with our expertly crafted liquid EMA monomer specially formulated to work with the entire Glam and Glits acrylic collection. 

Product Type: MONOMER


The key to a flawless set is in the basics! Introducing the Glam and Glits 'Back to Basics’ Collection! Ensure flawless consistency and quality throughout every set with a variety of pink, white and clear acrylic powders, specially designed to work with the exclusive Glam and Glits EMA Liquid Monomer for superior adhesion and long-lasting flawless sets.

Size: 16 fl oz

Made in the USA

PLEASE NOTE: We strive to make our digital color swatches as accurate as possible to the actual product color but due to different monitor settings and electronic devices, colors may differ slightly.


Back to Basics - EMA Monomer - 16 oz Reviews

Based on 15 reviews

Rosa Geney

Posted by Rosa Geney on Jun 18th 2019

This monomer is comparable to those priced 3 x as much. It’s my go-to.


Posted by RACQUEL R on May 20th 2019

Although it is a bit strong in smell. Like most monomers. It works very well with the glam and glits acrylics. i definitely have to purchase more product. I am beginning out practicing with the product and love it. At this moment, I could not see me trying anything else to use since beginning. Thankful I could find a US seller.

Works great!

Posted by Lauren on May 2nd 2019

Works amazing, no issues.


Posted by Della on Apr 25th 2019

This monomer is perfect for coloured acrylic. If you’ve ever wondered why your coloured acrylic comes out runny watery and blotchy it’s because you’re using a light purple monomer. This one is VERY dark and the smell isn’t as bad as others.


Posted by Jo on Apr 25th 2019

I wanted to love this monomer unfortunately I am sensitive to strong smells and the odor of this monomer is way to strong for me to use. I had to purchase a low odor/odorless monomer that unfortunately isn't offered here. I do love the acrylic powders especially the Fantasy Collection though.

I love this !!

Posted by Dyanna Acosta on Apr 23rd 2019

I have been doing my own nails (I’m not a professional) for about 2 years and have never used monomer so luxurious for such a cheep price

Hema free

Posted by Amanda on Apr 19th 2019

This didn’t cause me to have any swelling or blisters. I am happy to have this monomer in my collection. Smells like monomer but sweet smelling when filling it. This has minimal vaporize. Great job glam and glitz

Monomer review

Posted by shavina99@gmail.com on Apr 18th 2019

Very fast shipping great product


Posted by Cheyenne on Mar 14th 2019

I love this liquid so much more