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  • A dedicated team of marketing and sales professionals giving you the upper hand over the competition
  • Professional retail material such as free display racks and product swatches with every collection purchase
  • Educational materials keeping you up-to-date and first-to-know about product updates and releases
  • Early access to new product innovations


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Glam & Glits Acrylic MSDS

To download Acrylic Powder MSDS, CLICK HERE

To download Color Acrylic Powder MSDS, CLICK HERE

To download Color Blend Acrylic Powder MSDS, CLICK HERE


Glam & Glits Order Form

To download Glam & Glits Order Forms, click on the following:

Glow Acrylic Order Form, CLICK HERE

Mood Effect Acrylic Order Form, CLICK HERE

Naked Color Acrylic Order Form, CLICK HERE

Fantasy Acrylic Order Form, CLICK HERE

Nail Art Order Form, CLICK HERE

Color Pop Acrylic | Caviar Acrylic | Pigment Collection Order Form, CLICK HERE

Diamond Acrylic | Color Acrylic | Matte Acrylic Order Form, CLICK HERE

Glitter Acrylic | Sea Gems Acrylic Order Form, CLICK HERE