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Sparkling silver glitter will add a halo of bling to your nails by day and by night they’ll shine your way with a blue green hue.

Product Type: GLITTER

Introducing 48 new glow-in-the-dark acrylic powders from Glam and Glits Nail Design. It’s almost as if stars fell from the sky and landed upon your fingertips. You can easily light up the night with this new Glow Acrylic Collection. Activated by UV, LED, and sunlight, this unique glow formula charges during the day and looks like a normal acrylic manicure. Once the sun sets, watch as your nails begin to glow! Glam and Glits Glow Acrylic is ready for application right out of the bottle. Don’t miss out on this luminescent trend.

Size:  1oz
Made in the USA

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Based on 5 reviews

Must Have

Posted by Keanna Robertson on Oct 16th 2020

Smooth Application! The silver can go with anything. Absolutely love the glow in the dark aspect. Will definitely be buying more.


Posted by Unknown on Jun 6th 2020

Honestly in love with this acrylic powder. It’s very easy to work with as a beginner and the glitter is nice and holographic. Let’s talk about that glow! It glows green and it’s super fascinating to look at. I realize its sensitive to light it sorta “charges it up.” When it comes from under the Uv lamp it glows without it even being dark. The sunlight and phone flash essentially does the same thing. But even without shining light on it, once the room is completely dark the glow is visible. I’d 100% recommend. However, I’d love if the glitters were larger

GL2016 Halo

Posted by Crystal Thompson on May 22nd 2020

It actually glows in the dark!

Halo Beauty

Posted by Becca on Jul 23rd 2019

I bought this with hopes it would turn out really pretty since I have used the electric love color which is beautiful. It turned out awesome! It’s a light sliver glitter and glows a beautiful teal green color. Very happy with my purchase and will continue to purchase different colors. :)

Wearing right now

Posted by Ty on May 8th 2017

I am wearing this acrylic on my nails right now and am super excited. I adore how the acrylic goes from sparkly silver to blue when it's dark. I am going to get the entire glow collection soon coolest collection there is. I love showing off my nails to my coworkers.