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Back to Basics - Natural Blush - 3.85 oz

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A natural blush acrylic for long-lasting flawless nails. 

Product Type: CREAM

The key to a flawless set is in the basics! Introducing the Glam and Glits 'Back to Basics’ Collection! Ensure flawless consistency and quality throughout every set with a variety of pink, white and clear acrylic powders, specially designed to work with the exclusive Glam and Glits EMA Liquid Monomer for superior adhesion and long-lasting flawless sets.

Size: 3.85 oz

Made in the USA

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Back to Basics - Natural Blush - 3.85 oz Reviews

Based on 3 reviews


Posted by eve on Apr 24th 2020

The natural blush is truly natural and a hint of pink which is perfect, You could even apply it and leave it as is because it looks so beautiful, I loved it and the smell is sweet and light.

The quantity is amazing!

Posted by Kelley Taylor on Dec 20th 2019

The name speaks for itself! If you’re going for the natural look then this is the go to acrylic powder! It’s close to the clear acrylic but with a tint I love this color!


Posted by RACQUEL R on May 20th 2019

Natural is basically what you get. It is close to clear, not so much a difference unless you use on different colored acrylics which is no difference there as well. I will purchase a darker shade of blush, not too dark, just see if I could get a slightly clear pinkish tint; sort of color to make the natural nail more of a healthy, flavorful, fun to look at with natural color appearance.